Build DeFi Lego

Users can interact with DeFi applications by creating an on-chain address. This distinctive openness of blockchain technology is what you cannot see in the traditional financial industry. Anyone with any capital can make use of DeFi applications.

Openness is an essential precondition for composability, which is a distinctive feature of DeFi protocols and has been widely practised. For instance, a platform can recognise the voucher that one gets by providing liquidity to another platform. Thus, users can make the most out of their liquidity.

For example, earning LP rewards and lending against LP vouchers simultaneously. At the same time, both DeFi platforms also thrive.

There are increasing innovative combination practices. Patronus protocol is the advocator and defender of DeFi Lego and is committed to providing solutions to improve liquidity and capital efficiency through independent R&D and composability with other mature DeFi protocols.

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